TAURUS Shipping is a young dynamic company located in the Rotterdam port area specialized in worldwide shipping of heavy/voluminous cargo and rolling equipment.

Why is TAURUS Shipping your right partner ? 

TAURUS Shipping is an independent shipping agent offering shipping possibilities with major ocean shipping lines. TAURUS Shipping investigates the best available modes of shipping for you. Based on weight/volume of your shipment we will quote you on conventional, RO/RO or containerized (flat rack/ open top containers) basis.

TAURUS Shipping is able to offer shipping   possibilities within’ the Hamburg – Le Havre range. Besides the ocean freight portion we do provide all services up to FOB port of loading, such as  seaworthy packing, pre-carriage by truck/ barge, lashing/ securing, customs export formalities and of course marine insurance.

TAURUS shipping will always issue the original Ocean Bill of Lading instead of Forwarder’s Bill of Lading, especially in case of transactions on Letter of Credit this is important as in such cases an Ocean Bill of Lading is required by major banks. In ports of discharge we do not use local agents, in case of shipments on C&F or CIF basis a local agent is an unnecessary shackle in the handling process of your cargo.

For any additional information requests and quotations please do not hesitate to contact us.

 We do look forward to get in touch with you !